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PhD Thesis Works

Ulva-bacteria interactions and biomass processing for the production of new energy and food sources
Mark Polikovsky
Envrironmental Sciences 2020. PD

On the Applications of Pulsed Electric Field andElectroporation Technologies on Seaweed Biomass

Arthur  Robin

Envrironmental Sciences 2016-2021.PD 

Graduates MS Thesis Works

Environmetal impacts of bioethnol production from Ulva sp. with two step fermentation by yeast and bacteria
Amichai Gillis
Envrironmental Sciences 2020.PDF

Simulations of the effects of offshore environmental conditions on macro-alga Ulva spp biomass growth, for bioenergy and food applications
Noam Rosiansky
Envrironmental Sciences 2019.PDF


Solar hydrothermal deconstruction of green macroalgae biomass for biofuel production
Semion Greiserman
Environmental Engineering 2018.PDF


Developing an optical method of detecting monosaccharides concentration seaweed for selective breeding of Ulva Fasciata.
Shai Shefer.
Envrironmental Sciences 2016.PDF


The effect of flashing light on macroalgae growth and energy conversion efficiency: the case study of Ulva sp.
Oz Habiby
Mechanical Engineering- Direct track 2018.PDF


Inactivating Pseudomonas aeruginosa in burns with pulsed electric fields
Andrey Eithan Rubin
Environmental studies 2018.PDF

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