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Our goal is to generate fundamental knowledge on human and biological systems organization and function, and to apply this knowledge to develop technologies that address critical challenges in energy generation and health.


A changing climate affects human health directly through heat and floods, or inderectly through chronic exposure to sun or fluctuation in crop yields. Together with partners in Meir Medical Center we identify the most pressing climate-related health problems and provide novel practical solutions, that can be reduced to practice in the health systems. 

Example: seaweed protein allergies, human skin cancer, burn wound healing. 

Waste to Materials and Energy 

The development of modern society leads to the unprecedented generation of waste, which not pollutes all spheres of the planet, but also becomes a major economic burden on society. We develop novel methods for renewable energy-driven conversion of municipal, agricultural and hospitals waste, such as organics and plastic into novel useful materials including bioplastic and liquid energy (Bio-crude). We look into technological, economic and regulatory challenges of waste management and utilization. 

Example: Conversion of hospital waste to liquid fuels for local use.


We continuously study natural inhabitants to find novel species of unique organisms, such as seaweeds and ancient archaea to use them as bioresources for the production of novel food and materials. This is an exciting and continuous search to reveal the diversity of natural biomaterials for the benefit of society.  

Example: identification of seaweeds as protein source. 

Development of high-voltage pulsed electric field equipment 

We develop novel hardware, software, and operation protocols to promote the use of high voltage, ultra-short electric fields in medicine, food, and the environment. 

Example: Development of battery powered high-voltage pulsed electric field device for skin wound healing

Process development 

Using computational process simulation, mathematical modeling and experiments, we aim to develop and reshape processes used in food and bioindustries. 

Example: Simulation of hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae to biocrude. 


And, We are always open to new ideas 

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